Landscape Solutions provide a comprehensive list of services to cover all aspects of landscape design


We have over 40 years experience in the field of arboriculture and we offer a full consultancy and contracting services. Landscape Solutions were one of the pioneers of modern tree surgery practises in the UK.


We have been placing individual and groups of stones & boulders in gardens and the wider landscape for 40 years. Vere Rowsell has an extraordinary affinity and second-sight when placing stones in the landscape. Landscape Solutions can source both quarried and glaciated stones and boulders, weathered and un-weathered, from our own boulder farm and also from suppliers throughout the UK and the world. We believe this to be one of our specialities.

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Civil Engineering

We have experience in designing and building roads, driveways and tracks, all aspects of land drainage and waterways management, reed-bed construction, sewerage and soak-away systems, water supply, wells and associated pipework. Landscape Solutions have a trusted team of associate structural engineers and surveyors with whom we collaborate.

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Courtyard/Rooftop gardens

Landscape Solutions have 40 years experience of designing and building courtyards and rooftop gardens. As a result we have a profound appreciation of the logistical problems and challenges that these spaces present and an unsurpassed knowledge of the plants and materials required to produce outstanding solutions.

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We believe that form follows function in every instance. In developing concepts and client briefs we use both traditional and modern tools and skills; drawing, painting and CAD, We design structures that sit in the landscape using both traditional and contemporary materials as necessary. We seek to create planting, features and structures that complement the surrounding landscape whilst simultaneously providing contrast. We have a deep understanding of plantsmanship and the need for vision, such that what we create can develop and grow over time to create long term beauty and pleasure. We believe that a truly first class design team must have experience of the practical side of creating landscapes and access to specialists in all practical fields.

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This is a more recent diversification for Landscape Solutions, using our skills in logistics, admin, design, execution and the ability to work within budget to very exact timescales. We are also able to utilise our contacts in the specialist areas of fireworks, lighting, live music, food production, transport and catering.


We provide a comprehensive fencing service. We specialize particularly in the use of native hardwoods.

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Garden Buildings

We design and build garden buildings in a broad range of styles and materials, from simple oak sheds to more elaborate bespoke studios.

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Internal Landscaping

Landscape Solutions have 40 years of experience in designing and installing internal landscapes and lighting for commercial and private clients.

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Lakes, Ponds & Water-features

Landscape Solutions have over 40 years of experience designing and constructing lakes, ponds and water-features for aesthetic, recreational, educational, wildlife and sporting purpose for private clients, schools and commercial clients.

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At Landscape Solutions, after 40 years, there isn’t much that we and our associates don’t know about growing grass! Whether that be ornamental lawns, croquet lawns, sports fields, polo pitches, airstrips, wildflower meadows, hay meadows, we provide the full service from design, soil analysis, drainage and construction through to on-going management.

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We offer a wide range of paving solutions, in a large variety of styles. We can also supply a range of natural or fabricated materials, sourced throughout the UK, Europe and all over the world.

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At Landscape Solutions, we do not only grow specimen plants in our own nurseries, but source them from specialist nurseries throughout the UK and Europe. Over our 40 years in the business we have built up an unrivalled network of suppliers and therefore can source any plant for any situation, whether for aesthetic, educational or culinary purposes, private clients, schools or commercial clients. This extensive knowledge and planting experience allows us to be confident of specifying the correct plants for your needs, whether that be a single specimen in a pot or 100,000 in a new woodland.

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Not only do we know about planting but we are the leading designer and producer of ‘one-off’ bespoke pots and planters, working at the cutting edge of what is possible with both old and new materials. Whatever the client’s needs, we will find a solution. We also source pots and containers from all over the world. You can see our current range of pots and planters for sale below.

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Landscape Solutions has developed considerable expertise in the on-site quarrying and processing of stone, to produce road building material, type-1, sand, gravel, walling stone, building stone and paving. We have at our disposal the services of a number of world-class geologists. On-site quarrying not only hugely reduces carbon footprint, but normally represents very considerable cost savings for clients.

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Re-using and Recycling

Over time we have become experts in the areas of recycling and reclamation, and strive, wherever possible, to avoid taking material off site and into landfill. We are constantly evolving new and exciting ways of utilising on-site what most companies regard as expensive waste, and in doing so, turn client liabilities into assets.

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Schools & Educational Landscaping

Landscape Solutions have extensive experience and offer a comprehensive design and build service for schools and playgrounds. Most recently, we’ve been working with schools and education in the Edinburgh and Lothian area. We specialise in identifying and unlocking the potential in school grounds – large and small – creating nature walks, educational allotments, dipping ponds, adventure and training grounds.

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To ensure that clients operate within the legislation framework set out to protect the British Countryside and its flora and fauna we offer all of the standard environmental survey services and can advise when and where they are really necessary. The most common of these surveys are bulleted below:

– Habitat and Vegetation Surveys
– Protected Species Survey
– Bird Surveys
– Ecological Impact Assessment

We can provide full topographical 3D surveys in both CAD and PDF format.


We are specialists in dry-stone walling to the point of an art-form, constructing walls in stone, brick, and virtually every material that can be stacked on top of itself!

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With over forty years of experience, Landscape Solutions can undertake woodland creation projects of all scales and function whether it be woodland islands in urban environments or swathes of timber woodland on private estates.

We have a particular expertise in the restoration of native broad-leaf woodland and pride ourselves on being able to create woodlands that simulate natural regeneration patterns. This is achieved through careful planning of the woodland layout and species composition by personnel who have a deep understanding of both the ecology and the natural aesthetic of woodlands in the United Kingdom, whether it be for schools and educational purposes, estates and farms, timber, sporting purposes or merely aesthetics.