Neolithic Circle


To create an area to sit in whereby they could have small, intimate fires and big fires! The are was to have a neolithic feel to it to give the illusion of having been there for 3000 years, surrounded by wildflower meadow.


We used the disused corner of the garden, with large quantities of rubble. We utilised all of this to create a ‘hill fort’ and stone circle with a clay fire pit at its’ centre. This was paved with granite. The circle of boulders were placed to enable people to sit on when having a small fire, and a circular grass bank for when the client is having a large fire. Our client is overwhelmed with the design and uses it for occasions with his family and friends, such as New Year.

Neolithic Circle 05

Neolithic Circle 04

Neolithic Circle 03

Neolithic Circle 02

Neolithic Circle - Wildflower Lawn

Neolithic Circle 06