Crown Estates Woodland & Wildlife Garden


Create a secure woodland and wildlife garden from an unused, overgrown corner of the Crown Estates retail park. It was to also create a new pedestrian and cycle access with cycle shelter.


We carried out an ecological audit and submitted plans. Landscape Solutions also set themselves the task of sourcing all materials within 1o miles of the site. The security fencing is made from woven hazel, all posts are chestnut. The majority if the chips for the paths in the woodland come from the clearance work carried out on site. The Oak framed cycle shelter was made from locally sourced oak, with the hoggin for the pedestrian and cycle access from a local quarry. No materials were taken off site – everything was either re-used or recycled. The only materials not locally sourced was the seedum for the green roof of the cycle shelter.

To increase the educational and wildlife value of the woodland we carried out enrichment planting of native bulbs, wildflowers, shrubs and trees.

Crown Estates nature reserve

Crown Estates fencing detail

Crown Estets Bug Hotel

Crown Estates bike shed

Crown Estates bike shed detail